General Vudila Playground Rules

1. These rules (hereinafter referred to as “Vudila Rules”) are applied by Vudila Mängumaa OÜ, a company registered in Estonia with a registration number 11901143 and registered office address is Jõgevamaa, Tabivere parish, Kaiavere village, Vudila, 49105, Estonia. Acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions (Terms of Use) is deemed to be an agreement between “Vudila Game Land” and “Visitor” (customers who use the services provided in accordance with the User Terms).
2. Entrance to the Vudila Playground is strictly in accordance with the current Vudila Rules. When buying a ticket to Vudila Playground, the buyer agrees to comply with this Vudila policy.
3. Vudila The game area reserves the right to deny entry to the playground or to require all persons who do not comply with the Vudila Rules to immediately leave the playground without reimbursement of the ticket.
4. Visitors must present a valid ticket when entering the playground. Each visitor is only allowed access to the type indicated on the valid ticket.
5. Visitors must keep their tickets, ticket vouchers or e-tickets, as they may be asked again when entering the playground. Failure to do so and in the absence of a ticket may result in the visitor being denied access.
6. The site is not responsible for the loss, theft or damage of personal items of the visitors.
7. Visitors must not behave in a way that disturbs other visitors – the decision on such behavior is made by the manager / service manager on duty. As a result of such behavior, thevisitor will be immediately removed from the play field and has no right to compensation. Woodland County reserves the right to demand the removal of a visitor group if any member of this group behaves anti-socially or disturbingly. If some visitors are removed from the game field, a claim may be issued that will prohibit a specific visitor from entering the playground. Vudila reserves the right to notify the police of any visitor who has behaved in an anti-social or disturbing manner.
8. Pets (and other animals) are not allowed in the playground.
9. Guests are allowed to smoke in the territory of the playground (including electronic cigarettes or other art cigarettes or smoking appliances) only in the designated areas. Anyone who smokes in any other part of the area will be removed from the playground and will not be entitled to a refund.
10. Visitors are prohibited from bringing alcohol or illegal substances to the playground – the exception is when alcohol is purchased from the Grillhouse located in the playground. Alcohol purchased in the playground can only be consumed in designated areas. All persons who are, or appear to be, intoxicated will be immediately removed from the playground and are not entitled to a refund.
11. Visitors must present their personal belongings or property before entering or staying in the Playground, if requested by an employee of Vudila Playground. All visitors who are found to be carrying, or suspected of having, a weapon, drugs or other harmful / illegal substances will be denied entry and may be reported to the police. Vudila Playground reserves the right to confiscate unsuitable items for the duration of the visit whereupon they can be recovered upon departure from the playground.
12. Visitors may not behave in any way with any employee, representative or other visitor of the Playground in a manner that may offend, wound, intimidate, threaten, denigrate, or offend any other person.
13. An authorized employee of Vudila Playground is entitled to ask for identification documents to verify the age of the visitor when checking the ticket. If no identification document is presented, Vudila Playground is not allowed to allow the visitor to play.
14. Visitors agree with the fact that video surveillance will be used to protect Vudila Playground workers, visitors and property, and to prevent or detect crime.
15. Visitors agree to desist from any activities that endanger the safety of another visitor or employee of Vudila Playground whilst on the property of the Playground. Vudila The playground reserves the right to take all measures to protect its employees, visitors and property (including, but not limited to, prohibiting visitors from entering the Truder Territory of the Vudila Playground, reporting to the police, and taking any other necessary legal measures) and recovering any costs incurred.
16. Vudila The site is not responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of information provided by third parties on its territory.
17. Vudila Playground reserves the right to change the Vudila Rules at any time without notice. Such changes can be found on the website www.vudila.ee If necessary, visitors can request the latest version of Vudila Rules by contacting Vudila Playground directly by e-mail info@vudila.ee, Nothing in this Vudila Rules will affect the customer’s legal rights as a consumer.


Ticket purchase and payment methods

1. Customers can purchase game tickets at www.vudila.ee/osta-pilet and Vudila Playground on site
2. Customers can purchase daily tickets for the playground in the Vudila Playground e-store.
Tickets Sold by OÜ Vudila Game Land. The ticket provides access to the territory of Vudila Playground and includes the use of attractions throughout the day of use of the ticket.
3. To purchase tickets, the Customer must enter the WWW.VUDILA.EE/OSTA-PILET page, select the desired tickets and the number of tickets and click “Buy Ticket”. You must enter your name and e-mail address under the Contact Information on the shopping cart page. The customer must select the payment method and agree to Vudila’s terms and conditions. Then click the “Pay” button.
4. Tickets purchased from www.vudila.ee/osta-pilet will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the customer.
The customer will receive the purchased tickets by e-mail immediately following payment by Internet bank or as a credit card payment.
5. All tickets will be checked at the checkout in Vudila Playground before entering the territory of the playground.
6. The ticket is valid for the specific season for which it is purchased and tickets will not be refunded. Vudila Playground is required to refund tickets if, for any reasons that arise, Vudila Playground is not open for the season.
7. Visitors can pay for tickets, services and purchases in the play area in Euros.
8. The following payment methods are accepted in the gaming area: bank card, cash and gaming cards.
9. When purchasing a game site ticket, customers agree to the general rules and conditions of Vudila Playground (including the Vudila Rules).
10. Tickets will not be refunded and visitors will be responsible for checking the information on their tickets upon receipt (or when booking via e-ticket).
11. Clients will only be allowed to enter Vudila Playground with a valid ticket, which will be presented to an employee of Vudila Playground.
12. Customers can sell a valid ticket during the current season.
13. If the Customer does not have the option of printing or displaying a barcode (for example from a mobile phone), it is advisable to make note of the purchase number.
14. When purchasing a discount ticket, employees of Vudila Game Land have the right to ask for a document proving the basis on which the discount is received.
15. Prices displayed on the Vudila Playground website or on site include all taxes.


The process of buying Playland tickets

1. Tickets for Vudila Game County can be purchased at www.vudila.ee or at Vudila Playland at the spot.
2. Tickets can be purchased from the ticket office at Vudila Playland, and the service is arranged on a first-come, first-served basis.
3. Tickets can be purchased from the ticket office in cash (we only accept Euros), with a valid bank or credit card and by using Vudila Playland gift cards. When buying tickets from a customer service representative the representive will offer the best combination of tickets to the customer and the customer can decide on the best option. When purchasing a ticket from a ticket office, we ask the client to immediately check the the correct change has been provided from the transaction so as to avoid further confusion. The customer can buy tickets for the current season and use them during the current season.
4. Vudila Playland Fares Depend on ongoing promotional discounts, Ticket prices include all taxes.
5. The types of concessions are: a toddler’s ticket (1-3 years), a ticket for large families, a retired person’s ticket and a disabled person’s ticket). If the discount ticket has been purchased without the necessary documentary proof of the discount, Vudila Playland is entitled to ask the client to compensate the difference between the discount ticket and the regular ticket.
6. Tickets can be purchased through the Maksekeskus (Payment Center) on the website of Vudila Playland www.vudila.ee.


Vudila Playground Home Rules

1. By purchasing a ticket for the whole family in Vudila, you confirm that you have read and accepted the rules of the playground and the general rules of the game.
2. The daily ticket includes the use of all attractions and rooms throughout the territory of Vudila Playground.
3. Please treat all Vudila visitors and their fellow players politely and behave in accordance with general good practice and customs.
4. Vudila The playground does not provide childcare. Children are forbidden to stay in the territory or attractions of a playground without the supervision of a parent or guardian.
5. The Vudila team does not supervise children in general!
6. In order to ensure better security for all players in the game area, we ask parents and responsible persons to monitor the activities of all children in the territory.
7. Inform an employee of Vudila immediately if an accident has occurred, someone has been injured or you notice something dangerous – violation of the rules of the playground, flooding, fire, etc.
8. Use Vudila attractions, games and other resources carefully and prudently.
9. Any violation of Vudila’s property will entitle Vudila Playground to claim compensation.
10. Vudila attractions and fixtures may only be used for the intended purpose. Vudila Playground is entitled to claim damages for the restoration of damaged or broken inventory and attractions.
11. A visitor who is obviously suffering from any disease/illness that may spread to a playmate will not be permitted to enter the territory of Vudila.
12. Smoking (except in a designated place), alcohol and substance abuse is prohibited in the premises and territory of Vudila Playground. It is also not permitted to enter the property with alcohol or drugs.
13. An employee of Vudila has the right to ask the visitor to leave the territory of Vudila upon detection of such prohibited activity.
14. It is prohibited to bring domestic animals to the territory and premises of Vudila.
15. Please hand any “Lost and Found” items to a Vudila employee. We will only store lost items for one calendar month. After one calendar month Vudila will donate unclaimed items to a charity or recovery center.
16.Visitor’s personal items(bag, mobile phone, keys, etc.) are the responsibility of the individual. Vudila shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by the loss, theft or damage of the personal effects of the visitor.
17. Services provided with a surcharge include: catering, fishing, horse riding and any ancillary services offered within the framework of events and rental of playgrounds.
18. If you are having a birthday party in Vudila, you will be asked for a prior approval agreement so that we can provide you with the reserved space and the extra services you require. At the end of the party, we ask that you leave the booked space in a clean condition and dispose of any rubbish in the bins provided.
19. Please place garbage and waste in the appropriate bins.
20. The approval of booking children’s birthdays and the approval of additional services are generally done by e-mail or telephone.
21. In case of pre-bookings, vases, bowls, trays, tarts, glassware and the like can be provided if necessary.
22. Vudila’s bistro and trout fishing provide catering facilities. If you want a birthday table please be sure to pre-book.
23. You can pay for the services of Vudila Playground at the time in cash, by bank card or by prior transfer and transfer to invoices.
24. Upon payment by transfer, payment must be made within 3 calendar days of the booking and no later than 7 days before using Vudila services. Otherwise, the agreement will be cancelled.
25. Vudila has video surveillance. The parent or authorized person also gives consent to the filming of himself / herself and the child with Vudila video cameras and the broadcast of such video transmissions on the website.
26. Vudila reserves the right to record what is happening in the territory of the playground at any particular moment. The materials are used on the Vudila website, -youtube channel and ads. If you do not want to participate in any such material please let us know and if requested we will remove you from any clips.
27. Any employee of Vudila has the right to ask any guest to leave who does not comply with the rules and regulations.
28. The employees of Vudila are always available and willing to explain the requirements and recommendations of the rules and the Rules of Procedure.
29. If you have any questions or problems, please contact your Vudila representive immediately.