Vudila Playland

A full day of fun for the whole family
If you’re looking for a place to go with the kids this summer, you’re on the right track!

This is the kind of water park that kids dream about at night. 7000m2 of water. To put this into simpler terms – it’s like if 10 three-bedroom apartments were fused together and made into a swimming pool. The water park features a pool with varying depths, a flowing river, three-level water slide, and last but not least, a fast water ride. As you can probably already tell, Vudila’s water park is designed for water enthusiasts of all ages.
Please be aware that all water attractions other than kids pool are designed for children over 4 years old!

Should it happen that you need a hot sauna to relax in, Vudila has got you covered – we have 2 large barrel saunas which fit a whole family and some friends as well. If lucky, an average size infantry group might also be able to fit in. We heat up the saunas in the morning and then everyone gets to do their part in keeping the saunas warm and steamy throughout the day. No booking system. First-come-first-serve.

Have you ever bounced so high that you almost touched the sky? This is more than possible with the aid of Vudila’s dozen regular and two in-ground trampolines, in addition to several large inflatable bouncy houses that help defy the rules of gravity. Parents also join in with the fun and often even refuse to go home.

This is bounce aid 4.0 – in addition to the trampoline below their feet, the jumper is securely attached to elastic harnesses which accelerate the bounce even more. We have 4 of said inventions here. In Sky-Jump, you won’t have to worry about your bounce deviating left or right as the harnesses won’t let this happen, leaving you to focus on reaching heights unknown. And you know the coolest part? This is the best place to try back- and front-flips.

In addition to a lot of fun outdoor attractions, Vudila keeps the fun going indoors as well. Our indoor playground gets the most use when the weather isn’t particularly nice outside.

The second floor of the bistro is home to Vudila’s indoor playground, which, needless to say, is quite large. Just like everything else in Vudila.
Climbing frames, mini-bowling, table tennis, didicars, a slide that descends into a ball pit, distorting mirrors, puppet theatre, and many other playful activities.
Want to have an extra fun birthday? Celebrate it at Vudila’s indoor playground!
We also haven’t forgotten about the smallest members of your family – a separate breastfeeding corner.

Calling all Xbox and PlayStation friends who need a break from running and jumping and like testing their dexterity on TV screens – the electronic games house is exactly what you are looking for! Parents also often spend hours trying their hand at these awesome electronic games.

Vudila opened a large game room in 2020 where parents can have just as much fun as kids. Just when it seems like there is nothing new to add to Vudila’s vast list of games, we are proved wrong in the face of new additions: uniquely shaped table tennis tables, air hockey, basketball, and a lot of various electronic games like Sega Rally, Dayton, etc. Additionally, a billiard area with comfortable seating where you’ll have a chance to relax from your activity-filled day.

You won’t need a driving license to ride bumper cars at our car park – the machines are accident-proof because they bump away from each other when in contact. One thing for sure, fun is guaranteed! There is also no limit on how many rides you can take as it’s totally up to you. In case of a queue, the length of the ride will be adjusted but you will still be able to race around with your friends, soon-to-be friends, or adult chaperones and occasionally bump into each other’s cars. As the name suggests, the cars often collide and the aftermath of this doesn’t include calling an insurance company.

A true adrenaline inducer. This is an activity that creates excitement, makes your heart beat faster, and tests the limits of your courage. Put on a helmet, jump on the four-wheeler, and off to the tracks built of tire stacks you go! The suitable track (2 difficulty levels) and machine will be assigned to you based on your height (minimum height 125cm!). This is also a parent-favourite attraction as the fun seems infinite here.

Our lake has two kinds of water vessels. If you classify row boats as ‘been-there-done-that’ or your leg muscles are simply a more trained muscle group, then water bikes just might be the ideal means of transport for you. You can even become a self-appointed captain of one!

Mentally soothing, physically pleasantly active. Go enjoy the idyllic lake Kaiavere and all its surrounding nature with the whole family.


A two-level climbing frame attraction designed by the creative Vudila team and architects. Ronila is a whole 11 meters high. There simply aren’t enough words to describe how awesome it is! It might be better not to say anything more at all. Come climb!

Our recently renovated lookout tower gives a detailed overview of Vudila, providing a great opportunity to make a plan of attack for the various attractions. Needless to mention, the surrounding nature is breathtaking and the tower is also a great place to take a time out and relax.

There is a lot of fun to be had in Vudila and this does not exclude the little ones. One of our ground level adventure trails is located behind the grill house and the other one on the beach. It’s also hard to miss Vudila’s ‘spider’, where you will be able to act out all of your Spiderman fantasies.
We have also added a cool obstacle course to the vast list of attractions and we can say with confidence that this won’t leave anyone indifferent.

Have you heard of Jaan Roose? One of Estonia’s best slacklining aka tightrope walking professionals who also started off with balancing on a tightrope near the ground. You have to start somewhere!
The balance line in question consists of an elastic strap between two posts that helps develop balance and patience. You will be able to see improvements in minutes as you maintain a steady balance for longer and longer, instilling a real feeling of success. This in turn leads to taking a step further, literally – you can start swinging up and down, and trying to walk from one end to the other.

On this three-basket track, you can test your skills in the hugely popular sport that is disc golf. Easy but extremely entertaining, the game consists of throwing a disc into a basket and trying to succeed with as few throws as possible. It doesn’t matter if your throwing abilities are graceful or… different.

Want to work out? Why not, we have 10 outdoor exercise machines for this exact reason. After sending their kids off to discover Vudila, all the bigger adventurers can train for the upcoming rowing boat or water bike trips, kiiking, jumping on trampolines, or carrying their tired youngsters to bed in the evening. To be honest, a joint sports break with the whole family is probably a very good idea.

At one point, everyone will need a break from all the fun to rest and/or eat a delicious meal. There is nothing better than having a picnic amidst beautiful nature or sitting on the terrace with sun rays embracing your skin and recharging your batteries. Both are fun joint activities to do with your family or friend group, while everyone shares stories about their eventful day. There are similar lounging spots all over Vudila. You can often find similar activities being carried out on the ‘roof’ of Vudila’s bistro as well.

Another great group activity. The sand on the beach is a friendly surface for landing and winning points over the opponent team is an addictive business. Smaller members can play a simpler version of the game – simply throwing and catching.

This is a place for true animal lovers! In between all the other fun activities, don’t forget to visit our animal park that has found a new location. Here you will be able to meet our resident furry friends and tell them all about your day. We have the best listeners: sheep, goats, rabbits and let’s not forget about the alpacas who no one can pass by without saying hello to…

An ideal day includes at least one cultural activity. Sundays can be spent in the theatre of the grill house, watching fun yet educational performances. Our (star) mascot Vuta will also be present!

Hosting a birthday party

Vudila Playground is one of the best places for celebrating birthdays – no matter your age!

If a picnic-themed birthday is something of your liking, Vudila is an ideal place where to carry such ideas out. And the best part – if you decide to bring your own food, no reservation is required! Simply come to Vudila and choose a place to set your party up at. P.S. in case you decide to bring your own food, please also bring disposable dishes with you!

Children’s birthday parties can be celebrated in a variety of places in Vudila. You can book a table for the festivities at either the picnic area near the water park, bistro, or sun terrace. The picnic area’s booking fee is 5€
If you order catering from our kitchen, the table booking fee doesn’t apply.
Vases, bowls, trays, glassware, etc. can be provided on-site. The Vuti Bistro and Vuti Trout also offer catering options. If you decide to celebrate your birthday with us, please coordinate with Vudila in advance.

Vudila also offers a discount on selected tickets with birthday celebrations.
Children between the ages of 5 to 17 receive a 2€ discount on their ticket while the birthday kid gets free entrance (starting from a group of 10). All other ticket prices are based on the standard price list.
Make sure to leave your guest list with Vudila’s ticket office who will allow access to your guests according to it. At the end of your festivities, please leave the booked space like you found it – clean and tidy, and make sure to throw away any accumulated rubbish to designated bins.

Information, booking: geidi@vudila.ee, tel: +372 53503974
Catering requests: lauri@vudila.ee, tel: +372 52 65 452
NB! Place your meal order at least 2 days before the event date.

Pre-Order Sharing Plates

  • Meat Plate 0.8 kg – 16€
    Chicken Fillet / Sausages / Cutlets / Ketchup
  • Snack Plate 0.8 kg – 16€
    French Fries / Sweet Potato Fries / Onion Rings / Cold Sauce
  • Dips Plate 0.8 kg – 14€
    Carrot / Celery / Cucumber / Paprika / Cold Sauce
  • Beer Plate 0.8 kg – 29€
    Chicken wings / Breaded Chicken Strips / Mozzarella Sticks / Onion Rings / Crab Claws

Vudila menu

  • French Fries – 4€
  • Fries with Sausages – 6.50€
  • Fries with Chicken Nuggets – 6.50€
  • Chicken Nuggets (Cold Sauce) – 6€
  • Mozzarella Sticks (Cold Sauce) – 6€
  • Onion Rings (Cold Sauce) – 4€
  • Spring Rolls (Cold Sauce) – 4€
  • Pork Schnitzel (Optional Side, Cream Sauce, Green Salad) – 9.80€
  • Seljanka with Sour Cream – 4.50€
                           Vudila Summer season 2023

                           Vudila Mängumaa opens its doors to groups from May 29 - June 9. 2023.
                                         We are open for families from June 10 to August 26. 2023