Holding a birthday party

Vudila Playground is definitely one of the great places for celebrating birthdays for young and old alike.

If you decide to have a birthday party in a picnic form in Vudila during the summer season and bring your own food no reservation is required. You come just come to Vudila and choose a place for yourselves. Please bring disposable dishes with you. If you would like to book a table or room for a birthday party, you will find the necessary information here:


Children’s Birthdays


You can book a children’s birthday table on request at a picnic area near the water park, in the bistro or on the terrace on the second floor near the playland. Fee for booking a in the picnic area is 5 eur.

If you order a birthday dish on a table in our kitchen, booking a table is free.

If necessary, vases, bowls, trays, glassware etc. can be provided on site. The Vuti Bistro and Vuti Trout also offer dining options. If you are celebrating a birthday please coordinate with Vudila in advance.


It is also possible to obtain a more favorable group ticket when holding children’s birthdays. The discount for an older children (4-17 yrs) is 2 eur and the birthday child receives free entrance. All other ticket items are based on the standard price list.

You can leave a list of guests at the ticket office who will then be given access to the playground.
At the end of the party we request you leave the booked space in a clean and tidy manner and take the rubbish to the designated bins.

See the general rules of VUDILA PLAYLAND


Information, booking: PIRET@VUDILA.EE, tel: +372 58 224 224

Catering requests: LAURI@VUDILA.EE, tel: +372 52 65 452

NB! Place your meal order at least 2 days before your birthday.



Pre-order plates:

Meat plate 1 kg
Chicken fillet / sausages / cutlets / ketchup
Snack 1 kg
French fries / sweet potato fries / onion rings / cold sauce
Dips 1 kg
Carrot / celery / cucumber / paprika / cold sauce


Vudila menu

French fries 2,5€
Fries with sausages 3,5 / 4,5€
Fries with chicken nuggets 3,5 / 4,5€
Sweet potato fries  3,5€
Sweet potato fries with sausages  4,5 / 5,5€
Sweet potato fries with chicken nuggets  4,5 / 5,5€
Cold sauce / Raw salad
Vudila Burger
Beef / Pickles / Mayonnaise with cheese / onion / Tomato sauce
Chicken salad
Salad mix / Chicken nuggets / Tomato / Parmesan / Cold sauce / Tortilla chips
Feta cheese salad
Salad mix / Feta cheese / Onion / Tomato / Cucumber / Walnuts / Olive / Oil sauce
Pork schnitzel
Optional side / Cream sauce / Green salad
Chicken schnitzel
Optional side / Cream sauce / Green salad
Noodles / Vegetables / Chicken fillet
Meatball soup 3€
Seljanka with sour cream 3,5€
Sardine sandwich 1€
Potato salad in a cup 2,9€
Onion rings / cold dressing 3,5€
Vudila Dumplings / cold sauce 5,5€
Chicken nuggets / cold sauce 3,5€
Fried eggs/ Bacon / Beans / Sausage / Hashbrown / Tomato / Cucumber
Home lemonade / Iced tea 3€ / L